Rubber Vs Vinyl: What is the better Kind of Yard Hose?

Rolling out the best garden hoses to drinking water the garden, your flowers and landscaping is considerably of the rite of spring. But would you determine what type of hose is ideal for yourself? Of course, even quite possibly the most seemingly very simple gardening instruments possess a wide variety of selections for homeowners to choose from. With regards to yard hoses, you’ll find factors like thickness, duration and substance that ought to be viewed as. The latter issue is among the most significant to take into account and typically boils right down to regardless of whether a rubber or vinyl/plastic back garden hose is greatest in your condition.

So what will it’s in your case – plastic or rubber? Here’s a glance with the professionals and negatives of every.


Frequently speaking, plastic or vinyl backyard hoses would be the less expensive in the two aforementioned hose options. They are also improved for additional fundamental gardening desires, as these hoses tend to be lighter in bodyweight and a lot easier to manage, yet less durable than their rubber counterparts. This is a glance at extra professionals and disadvantages of plastic or vinyl hoses:

Pro: Great for mild climates. Plastic has a tendency to warp when uncovered to extended warm temperatures. Generally, the more moderate climates are ideal for this hose kind. Even though it may continue to be employed in extra excessive ailments, property owners in many cases are advised to retail outlet it when not applying it to prevent warping and untimely use in such problems.

CON: Kinks. Plastic or vinyl hoses kink easier than rubber ones.

CON: Destruction a lot easier. Plastic/vinyl hoses never roll up as easy as rubber kinds and they are a lot more very likely to crack and develop leaks in cold weather.


Rubber hoses really are a dearer solution than plastic/vinyl hoses and therefore occur which has a bigger up-front price tag. But they can also be much more resilient and perfect for more intensive gardening functions. Here is a better glimpse at some pros and downsides of rubber hoses:

Pro: Long-lasting. Rubber hoses are greater top quality than plastic/vinyl, indicating they very last lengthier, are simpler to store and a lot more immune to kinks. Also they are improved ready to endure much more excessive temperature situations than plastic or vinyl hoses. They might even be obtained that has a reinforced lining which makes them extra resistant to kinking and cracking.

CON: Large. Rubber hoses tend to be more long lasting than vinyl hoses – that’s fantastic. But they are also heavier and more labor intense to maneuver, which could be off-putting for lots of. In case you are continue to not bought on either of the aforementioned selections, why don’t you think about a hose that’s the very best of equally worlds? That’s ideal, rubber/vinyl hose combinations can be obtained that merge the light-weight of plastic hoses using the durability of rubber hoses. Having said that, 1 con to such a hybrid hose is usually that they are really usually priced more than conventional rubber hoses, that are the greater highly-priced choice inside the rubber vs. plastic backyard garden hose arena. So a rubber/vinyl hose will most likely be one of the most high priced solution you can purchase.